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Why Become a Member?

If you like wine and would like to learn to really enjoy the experience, the Crystal Garden Wine Society is for you.  At our wine tastings, you will not only try about 8 different wine but also learn how and where they were made, what the grape is and the characteristics of wines made with that grape, what flavors and aromas can be found in that wine and much more.  With most of the wines in our tastings, we pair food designed to enhance the wine.  At most wine tastings, crackers and maybe some cheese are offered with the wine to cleanse the palate in preparation for the next wine, but at the Society's tastings, specially designed food pairings are presented with the wine so the uniqueness of the wine can be displayed.  These unique foods are prepared by Karol Hatton, Head Chef at the Crystal Garden.  Many people come not only for the wine but also see what the next food creation will be.

Ted Fuehne, CWE, presents each wine answering any question you might have about that wine or any other.  After the tasting, you can purchase the wines that you like at a discount.  If you have ever bought wine at a store because it had a nice label only to find out that you didn't like the wine at all, this one benefit makes membership worth it.  Sound good?  Become a member today!
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